4 Points To Your Involvement

Here at Prentiss we desire that families who worship with us will come and immediately feel like church family. If you are interested in church membership or to continue to learn more about Prentiss we encourage you to attend Starting Point.
Our church is not a place for spectators. It is a place for team members. We want you to be a part of our vibrant church community. Here is how you can learn, serve, and grow at Prentiss.

Starting Point

Point #1. When you visit the Starting Point booth in the Narthex you will receive the following: a welcome brochure, a free audio sermon and a gift from Prentiss.

Party Point

Point #2, aka “Party with the Pastor”. This will require a bold step from you but you will not be disappointed. We invite you to attend a Sunday evening meal, which includes some of pastors favorites. Chicken Wings, Fries and Salad. It’s a wing party with the pastor for you and other invited guests. During this time the following will take place: Vision of Prentiss, you will be asked if you have placed your Faith in Jesus Christ, have you been Baptized and finally other staff pastors, deacons and leaders will be present so you can learn more about Prentiss. At the closing of the event you will be asked to consider attending Point #3.

Serving Point

Point #3. We will discuss opportunities for you to serve at Prentiss. The following will take place: personality test, spiritual gifts assessment, areas of interest you may have, immediate opportunities for service, background checks (working with children) and our expectations as you serve at Prentiss. At the close of the event you will be asked to consider attending Point #4.

Prentiss Point

Point #4. Pastor and other Staff Pastors will be discussing Church Membership at Prentiss. We are excited about our church and we want you to belong. During our time together you will learn of our position on church membership and if you have any doctrinal inquiry or questions about church government, we will be honored to answer. In addition, monetary questions about Prentiss, business workings and membership privileges will be discussed.


Please visit the Starting Point Booth in the Narthex or contact the church office.