Affiliations are advantageous because they offer foundation and accountability structures. However, sometimes affiliations can give you a “tag” that doesn’t fit. The information provided in this section is to let you know that Prentiss is a genuine Spirit-filled, Bible believing church with strong theological roots and is subject to outside accountability. The organizations listed are for the purpose of demonstrating where our roots are; however, Prentiss has its own unique personality and style. We encourage you to try us on, if we don’t fit, just put us back on the rack. The links below will give you more information regarding some of what lies behind the foundation of Prentiss. The following is to give you some insight on why the links are provided.
We are a Church of God (Cleveland, TN) congregation and affiliate. Not only is Pastor Chapman accountable to elders and deacons of Prentiss, he is also accountable to the Church of God Western North Carolina Administrative Bishop as well as the International Offices of the Church of God.


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