7 Qualities in a Spouse

Genesis 24 is the account of an aging Abraham and the story of Isaac finding a wife, Rebekah. It got me to thinking, what are the characteristics that young men and young women should be looking for in the significant other that they intend to spend the rest of their days with, after all, marriage matters.
Below is a list of seven characteristics that matter and a brief statement lending support to each aspect.
Attractive: Verse 16- May not sound theological, however, it would be nice to enjoy the image of your spouse, after all, you will be gazing at them for decades. The opposite would be marrying ugly.
Pure: Verse 16- In a culture that places little value on purity, let us as Christ followers pursue it. In purity, you will be giving your spouse a gift.
Friendly: Verse 18- Your future spouse will be someone you spend an incredible amount of time with, it can’t hurt to look for someone that is friendly, and you enjoy being around.
Hard Worker: Verse 19- Rebekah’s worth ethic intrigues me. In looking for that spouse, remember pattern matters, not potential. Don’t try and convince yourself; they’ll get a job one day. Don’t marry potential.
Hospitable: Verse 25- Being able to be warm and kind is a value that should be embodied by Christ followers. Galatians 5 would support this behavior, hey believer in Christ, let’s emphasize the fruit.
Respectful: Verse 64- With so many disrespecting themselves and the people they love, let us as Christ followers have mutual respect one for another.
Modest: Verse 65- Men and women both should practice modesty. With the antonyms being immoral and impropriety I would challenge young and old to exemplify restraint.
This is from Pastor Kevin’s sermon “The Good Shepherd”.
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